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Caring for Aging Loved Ones 

The elder law attorneys at Mark Pirozzi LLC understand the enormous commitment involved in caring for your aging loved one.    It is an incredible gift to be able to care for your parents or loved ones in their time of need.

When such care commences, many delay meeting with a qualified elder law attorney to evaluate the situation and ensure your loved ones affairs are in order.  This includes everything from basic estate planning documents: Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Will or Trust to discussing the options available should circumstances develop necessitating skilled nursing assistance or nursing home care.

Should nursing home care become a necessity, there are many pitfalls that can be avoided through early planning and understanding what is allowed and prohibited to qualify for Medicaid.   One common pitfall for many caretakers is to not seek professional counsel until the time comes that nursing home care is needed.   At that point it is too late for many strategies that are available to your loved ones to preserve their assets.  

Such strategies may include: personal services contract; the use of life estates or trusts, transfers of assets or purchase of annuities, etc...  We understand that your loved ones have worked their entire lives for the resources they have and we will work with you to help you preserve these assets in a legally responsible way. 

Contact the experienced elder law attorneys at Mark Pirozzi LLC to discuss your questions and planning options.