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Ohio Estate Planning

Estate planning, in its simplest form, ensures that a person’s assets are handled in accordance with his or her wishes in the event of the person’s incapacitation or death. But, as any estate planning attorney can attest, the preparation involved in creating estate plans isn’t always simple.  The attorneys at Mark Pirozzi LLC understand the importance of listening to our clients and then preparing the legal documents that achieve our clients’ goals in the best manner possible.

As a long-respected estate planning law firm, Mark Pirozzi LLC knows how to cut through the misunderstandings and mystery to create carefully crafted, well-reasoned estate plans for our clients.

The four important components of our simple estate plan includes:

Wills– no matter how complicated or straightforward your estate is, Mark Pirozzi LLC can help you develop a legal document that appropriately distributes your property after your death and also ensures a Guardian is appointed for your minor children.  

Powers of attorney– whether for a specific event or general circumstances, you can rely on Mark Pirozzi LLC to create a legal document that provides for your to designate another person to act for you in legal or financial matters.  Another important compenent of a power of attorney is to appoint a legal guardian in the event you become incapacitated, this allows you to avoid going to court to have guardian appointed for you.

Living wills– with a keen understanding of the delicacy required, our attorneys will help you provide explicit instructions as to your wishes regarding how medical treatment is to be administered when you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious.

Healthcare powers of attorney– Mark Pirozzi LLC can carefully craft the necessary paperwork to allow you to appoint a trusted individual to make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself.

Families across the Akron, Fairlawn, Richfield and Medina area rely on our attorneys to develop the legal documents that convey their wishes concerning property disposal, legal and financial matters and healthcare issues. Contact us today to learn why.