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Ohio Medicaid Application

Applying for Ohio Medicaid is a detailed and tedious process.  Every fact asserted in the application must be verified through proper documentation.  Inaccuracies or denials can cause unreimbursed private pay expenses to grow as much as $200 or more per day.  

The Medicaid planning attorneys at Mark Pirozzi LLC can assist you throughout the entire application process: from assembly of the information; compiling verification documents to complete the application; attending meetings with the Ohio Medicaid caseworker; assisting you in the spenddown process; and complying with the annual Medicaid redetermination.

Ohio Medicaid is administered by the Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) in the county where the applicant resides.  The ODJFS caseworked reviews the information to determine the applicants: 

1. Income Eligibility

2. Asset Eligibility

3. Identify any improper transfers or gifts made within the five (5) year look back period

4. If there is a spouse, they will determine the spouse's "resource allowance" and a minimum monthly income allowance 

Medicaid rules are complicated and change quickly. Filing an application too soon or too late can be costly.  By seeking assistance with the Medicaid process an applicant may be able to qualify for Medicaid sooner.  Contact the Medicaid Planning attorneys at Mark Pirozzi today to help you navigate the cumbersome Medicaid process.