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Ohio Probate and Estate Administration

Our knowledgable probate lawyers can guide you through the maze of administering an estate or trust.  Whether you are the Executor named in the Will or the Trustee of a Trust, our attorneys will lighten your burden by advising you about the obligations of your new role and how to meet them.  

The services of an attorney are usually required because many legal and procedural issues arise, even in a basic estate administration.   Probate Administration refers to the process of administering the estate of a deceased person in probate court.  Probate assets are real property (a house) and personal property (accounts, cars, etc.) that the deceased person owned at the time of death.  It can be a difficult time to grieve the loss of a loved one and have to spend time and effort in probate court.

At Mark Pirozzi LLC, our experienced probate attorneys and staff lead you through the probate administration process with expertise and empathy.  Our office has a small, accessible staff that is ready and available to assist you.  Contact Mark Pirozzi LLC for your probate and trust administration needs.