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Probate Avoidance Plan

At Mark Pirozzi LLC, our estate planning attorneys take the time to understand your unique circumstances and wishes and design a probate avoidance plan that is right for you.   Many people believe that probate is something to avoid, but can't say why.  Here are some reasons you may be interested in avoiding probate:


When a person dies, the probate court has an interest in seeing that the assets and debts of that person are properly transferred and paid. Because it's in the court system, your probate estate is public record. Anyone can see what your assets are, what your debts are and who you're giving your assets to.  A probate avoidance plan keeps this information private and out of the public record.


An estate administration can take months to complete, depending on the types of assets.  If there is a house to sell, or if the assets are not immediately known, the time delay can be significant.  A probate avoidance plan can result in a quicker, more efficient distribution of assets.


In addition to court costs, there may be appraiser's fees, executor fees and attorney's fees. The costs assessed by the probate court are based on a schedule of charges established by law for each type of document filed in the court.   Attorney fees charged for handling matters of the estate must, in most cases, be approved by the court and typically are based on a flat fee, percentage or hourly rate as agreed by the executor and beneficiaries.  The executor or administrator is paid a fee set by Ohio law based on a percentage of the value of the estate assets administered.


As anyone who has ever served as the executor of an estate knows, having your affairs in order before your death makes it much easier on those you leave behind.  A probate avoidance plan requires some time and expense up front, but much less on your family after you're gone.

As a long-respected estate planning law firm, Mark Pirozzi LLC knows how to cut through the misunderstandings and mystery to create carefully crafted, well-reasoned estate plans for our clients.  Contact our office to schedule your appointment.