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Special Needs Planning

The Akron, Ohio special needs planning attorneys at Mark Pirozzi LLC provide a team approach in designing a plan for families with special needs.   Special needs planning requires an in depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by the special needs community, our special needs attorneys provide you with education, resources and legal strategies to fit your family’s individual needs and provide you with peace of mind that your disabled loved one will be taken care of according to your wishes. 

Planning for a family member with special needs requires a parent to be able to set aside assets in a trust that will not be counted as a resource by the state when considering the disabled person's eligibility for Medicaid.  The attorneys at Mark Pirozzi LLC help clients establish special needs trusts suited to the individual circumstances of the disabled person, to protect personal assets for future use and to enhance his or her quality of life.   Our special needs planning attorneys will communicate and collaborate with you and your health care, financial and other professional advisors to help you develop the right plan for your family. 

Contact Mark Pirozzi LLC today to begin the proactive, thoughtful planning needed to take care of your loved one with special needs.